Premiere: Are You Coming Home With Me?-

Sometimes two people admitting they like each other can be quite a challenge; it seems almost miraculous when it does happen. But mustering the courage to confirm takes just as much, if not more, as things don’t always work out. The newest single from Swerve touches on this feeling, and the catchy number comes and goes as quick as a one-night stand. “Are You Coming Home With Me?” is a ’90s dream. Beginning with a contemplative, slightly angsty chord progression, paired with a bittersweet lead line, the nostalgia trip is compounded when Gregory Mahdesian’s voice — smooth and self-assured — is introduced. He sets the scene,  “fantasized about this all my life … this feeling I can’t hide,” and poses the million-dollar question.

The follow-up to last October’s self-titled EP, the song was produced by the band’s now-bassist Brandon Duncan and plays on staple elements of the Britpop and grunge movements. Cinematic in lyrics and timbre, this song is perfect for a lover’s montage in Act II of any rom-com. Mahdesian notes that the song is, “about agonizing over how badly you want someone and deciding to just go for it and see what happens. Maybe that’s the solution, but maybe not.”