Music Video: Swerve "Everything (Hey Girl)"- Yay LA Magazine

“I’ve been living in the city so long/where everything is covered by smog/and everything I wanted was wrong”
That’s the chorus to LA foursome Swerve’s single “Everything (Hey Girl)” off of their self-titled EP. The sentiment may echoe throughout the lives of bloody-nosed dreamers all over Southern California, but the band’s sunny hooks better evoke the no-apologies fun of 90s Britpop like Blur.

Quotes frontman Gregory Mahdesian:
“We feel that ‘Everything (Hey Girl)’ has a slinky, moody vibe to it, but like a lot of our songs it doesn’t take itself too seriously. With that in mind, we wanted the video to be a kind of a playful dark comedy- something that might straddle the line between moody sincerity and silly humor. To create the video’s trippy, drunken effect, we actually filmed the clip in double time and then slowed it down to match up with the audio track!”

This single-take video was directed by Hank Fontaine of the LA band The Fontaines, who you are sure to read more about later this year on Yay! LA. Show the video below some California love and if you like what you hear you will be happy to know that all through May, Swerve will be hosting a Tuesday night residency at the DTLA Resident venue. Tickets can be purchased HERE.